First stop.. London. I arrived after a surprisingly enjoyable journey, due to being upgraded to business class. I stayed in a hostel called Clink78 near Kings Cross, which was is known as a ‘party hostel’. I was not so pleasantly surprised when I walked into my eight person dorm and saw how small it was. I don’t think I had quite grasped the whole living out of my suitcase.


I had five days here and they were all filled with sight-seeing and other related activities. I kicked off the London sightseeing by being shown around by Ashleigh, and she showed me the ropes of the tube, which ended up being incredibly easy to use and figure out. My sight-seeing highlights would have been; Big Ben, The London Eye, Oxford Street and Camden. I was also blessed with blue skies for most of my time in London, which I didn’t know was possible.


I got some great shots of Big Ben, as it was difficult to miss, and was a spectacular sight. The views from The London Eye were amazing, a panoramic view of the city. I also had the chance to meet up with two of my old friends that I met in India while I was living there, and I hadn’t seen them in seven years. We went to the Camden Markets, which were huge and filled with such yummy food. I got nutella crepes and some Chinese food. I visited Oxford Street a fair few times, as I couldn’t resist going to see the four storey TopShop, where we took a photo booth photo.


As well as having an amazing time walking around the city and taking in the sites, I also had such a fun time at my hostel, I met so many new people and we shared far too many drinks together. The hostel had a bar which was busy every night, so that made it so easy to make friends. London was a truly amazing city and I can’t imagine a better place to start off a European adventure! Next stop Paris!


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