I managed to travel to Barcelona stress free! I was so excited to arrive in Spain finally, and be able to speak in Spanish to people, well at least try to. I was with two of my friends, and we stayed in a great hostel, where we got free dinner and sangria every night! As well as going out every night, which we did not partake in. As we learnt after the Friday night, hungover sight-seeing is less than ideal.

Right at the top of our to-do list was to go to the Sagrada Familia which was so beautiful, even though it is still being built, it is such an amazing sight to see. We also went inside and up to the tower, where there was an awesome view of the city. As well as this, the buildings by Gaudi were of a high priority. We went to Park Güell, where there are beautiful mosaic terraces designed and built by Gaudi. Another beautiful sight was the Casa Batlló, by Gaudi. We did an audio tour of the house, which was so interesting, as it tried to take us inside Gaudi’s mind as to what inspired him to make the house this way.


One of the highlights for me was going to Montserrat. This was a mountain about an hour out of Barcelona that had a huge church at the top. The views from the mountain were so breathtaking! Another mountain we conquered was called Montjuic, which had a castle on it, but unfortunately we arrived five minutes before closing time so we just walked around it and took in the views of the harbour and the city. While taking photos I turned around and suddenly saw this amazing sunset! So I ran for about ten minutes to the other side of the mountain, in order to get a photo and see it, and it was worth it!


Barcelona is such a fun and buzzing city, there is always something to do! There are clubs and bard having events every night, as well as markets around the place every day. One of the main tourist streets is called La Rambla which was full of souvenir shops and cheap restaurants, we had a meal here on one of the days.


How could I end this post without talking about the food and drink! Sangria, sangria and more sangria! Oh and tapas! We ate way too much. Breakfast consisted of pastries and bocadillos and then for dinner, tapas! Let’s not forgot our afternoon snacks from our little friend from the supermarket round the corner. Barcelona was such a cool place, I loved it so much, it has been my favourite city so far! Seriously considering moving here.


5 thoughts on “Barcelona

  1. Moritz says:

    Sounds like you have an amazing and stressfree time in Barcleona. It’s crazy that the renovation of the Sagrade Familia is not finished till today. They started years ago…


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