The last stop on my travels before I get to university in Salamanca! I didn’t really know what to expect when arriving in Madrid because I had such an amazing week in Barcelona. We were staying in a hostel in the centre of the city, which was nowhere near as good as the Barcelona hostel, but I will make a separate post about my hostel reviews and tips for hostels. Anyway, back to Madrid.


We didn’t actually do to much here, it was more of a relax time before starting 4 weeks of study! We made a friend from London in our hostel who we hung out with. It’s always nice to have fun people in your room! We did a walking tour through the hostel on our first day which was pretty cool, because we learnt so much about the city and saw lots of sights in such a small amount of time. A highlight of the trip here for me was rowing in the lake in the park, it was so much fun, except that I was a terrible rower. We had really good weather and it wasn’t too cold, we just had a little bit of rain on our second day, it was a really similar temperature to Barcelona.


We also visited the palace which had beautiful gardens and we just sat and took in the atmosphere. Following this we went to the Reina Sofia museum to go and see one of the Picasso paintings. I wish I could appreciate art more but it’s just not my forte, maybe one day. By day three we had become so lazy and only ended up going out for lunch, as we couldn’t actually get anywhere because of a huge protest going on in the centre of the city, and that wasn’t something we wanted to be in the middle of.


How could I not mention going on a pub crawl! This was my first pub crawl and it was such a good time and great value for money. We were taken to 3 different bars and a club, with a free shot at each one! I also caught up with a friend from New Zealand who is studying in Madrid, and she brought her friends to do the pub crawl too, it was such a fun night. Once again, far too much food was consumed in this city and I will have to do a lot of exercise after this trip.

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