La Universidad de Salamanca

I hopped off the bus on Sunday night to be greeted by the freezing cold Salamanca air. Yay we had finally arrived at what would be our home for the next month. Meaning that I could finally unpack! I was starting to get a bit over living out of my suitcase. After much deliberation about which building we thought was our hall of residence, we found it. La Residencia Colegio de Cuenca. My room is quite a decent size for a dorm room, as well as having it’s own bathroom and shared kitchen with my neighbour.


Monday morning, we had our placement test for our classes. I was placed in the middle class for everything, which I was happy with. I have class from 9-2, five days a week, it literally feels like school. But, the classes are really good and I already feel like I have learnt so much. I have so much more confidence in speaking now, compared to when I first arrived in Spain. The university buildings are so beautiful and old, and just so different compared to Auckland. The whole town is basically filled with students and elderly people.


Finishing class at 2pm everyday is great, as we still have the whole afternoon ahead of us. Although, mainly we have spent that eating lunch and drinking wine. In Spain, most restaurants have a lunch menu called ‘Menu del Día’ which means the menu of the day, and it is usually 10-15 euros and you get a starter, a main, a drink and a dessert. Such great value for money but you’re not always guaranteed good food, because it’s so cheap. Another new favourite food of ours has become chocolate and churros. European hot chocolate is amazing, it is basically just liquid chocolate in a mug. I am obsessed. I could happily live on tapas, red wine and European hot chocolate.


So one week of uni done, three weeks to go! We are yet to go out at night though, it is just too off putting, because the temperature is about -4 at night and who wants to go out in that. But, Salamanca is known for it’s partying, so we will definitely experience it next week, despite the cold. We havn’t managed to meet many Spanish people yet, as we are only with international students in our classes, and half of them we already knew from Auckland uni. But next Friday and Saturday night await us!


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