The Home of Miguel de Cervantes

For our first Saturday in Salamanca we decided to take a day trip to Valladolid. Valladolid is about an hour an a half away from Salamanca and it is known for it’s amazing tapas and cathedrals. We started the day with a 9am bus ride. There were five of us travelling together: Alex, her friend Alice who was visiting us, Jara, Katy and I. Upon arriving in Valladolid we were greeted by a lovely combination of rain and snow, making it a very cold and wet morning. So we thought there would be no better way to kick off the day than to have churros and chocolate. After feeling a lot warmer, we stepped outside into the plaza mayor and we were greeted by a carousel! Of course we couldn’t resist going on it.

DCIM100GOPROG2700907.After we had relived our childhood, we set out to find the museums and cathedrals (yay museums..). The cathedrals were really old here, compared to other beautiful cathedrals I had seen, but it was still cool to go in, and one of the churches actually had a mass going on. After we had walked around looking at everything we decided we deserved wine and tapas. On our search for food, we came across the statue of Miguel de Cervantes, who wrote Don Quixote, one of the books we reluctantly had to study at uni last year, so that was a bit of a laugh and gave me a title for this post.


Unfortunately trip advisor failed us with finding a tapas bar and led us to an expensive restaurant, so we decided to just go for a wander and see what we could find. We came to a little street full of tapas bars, so we decided to go on a ‘tapas crawl’ except we spend too much time at each place so only ended up going to two! The food was so delicious, I am a huge fan of tapas as it’s really nice to be able to just have tasters of everything rather than having to commit to a whole meal. After a glass of wine we all committed to having a fun night out in Salamanca, but after a sleepy bus ride, those plans soon became: stay at home with movies and pizza. A great way to end our first day out.


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