Another weekend, another day trip. This time it was only Alex and I who ventured out on a slightly hungover Sunday. We chose to go to Avila because it was only an hour and a half away and was highly recommended. We arrived at about 10am after initially thinking we were in the middle of nowhere. So after getting our bearings we went into the centre of town to explore, after getting some breakfast. Our first stop was the cathedral, but we didn’t get to go in as there was mass going on, as it was a Sunday. But it was still really pretty to look at, and it was one of the Muslim cathedrals as well.

IMG_0489Next up were the city walls. The whole city is surrounded by walls 12 metres high, these were to protect the city and so that they could see enemies coming. The location of the city is in the middle of quite flat land, so it would have been really easy for the guards to see enemies from a distance. The walls were really amazing to walk on, and there was such a nice view. The parts that people can walk on go for about 1500 metres, and we walked most of it.

IMG_0530After spending a bit of time walking along the wall, we grabbed some lunch before heading out beyond the city to see Los Cuatro Postes, which are a set of four posts outside the city where there is a view of the whole city. By the time we got up there we felt like we had being walking for miles, but the view was worth it.

DCIM100GOPROG2840955.We stayed up there for a while as we weren’t ready to face the walk back, in our shoes that were not made for walking. On the walk back, we made the mistake of leaving the old town in order to be closer to the bus station, where the happened to be nothing open. In the end we stumbled across a very average cafe, but it was food! We also found out that 10am-5pm was a very long day in a small town! But overall it was a really nice place and I am so glad that we went. I’ve been really enjoying the weekend day trips rather than just staying in Salamanca. Although, we were meant to go to Toledo on a tour on the Saturday before this trip but it was cancelled unfortunately and another trip the next weekend to Porto in Portugal has been cancelled too, but we are still going to Segovia, which will be so beautiful.

IMG_0597Salamanca over the last week or so has been really good too, finally getting used to 5 hours of classes in a row and actually doing quite well. I feel like I have learnt a lot and really improved my spoken Spanish, I am so much more confident in speaking to people now. We actually dressed up at M&M’s on Saturday night as a part of the carnival weekend celebrations, almost everyone was dressed up and it was such a good atmosphere. Only 9 more days here until I head back to New Zealand, the time has flown by so much, I can’t wait to come back



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