After finding out our trip to Porto, in Portugal was cancelled, Alex and I decided to go to Zamora for the day on Saturday. We were blessed with blue skies, which automatically makes a day x10 better. We decided to get ahead of the game and catch a cab into the old town, to save time walking around aimlessly not knowing where we were going.

IMG_0670We spent quite a bit of time walking around the city walls and the castle, which were so cool. Alex and I also happen to be huge fans of castles, especially after not being able to go into the one in Barcelona, we made it our Spanish mission to go to every castle we could!

IMG_0807After the castle we strolled along the river, which looked so amazing because of the blue skies. The town was so quiet and peaceful, such a lovely place to visit.


We then went to the cathedral, where the entry fee included a very dull audio guide, which we eventually gave up on. Regardless, the cathedral was beautiful, and there was a museum attached to it which was quite interesting as well. Following this, we went to a restaurant recommended in the guide book and had the Menu del Día. This is a 3 course meal including bread and wine that costs about 10-15 euros, very cheap and convenient.


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