This was the last weekend day trip we had in Spain, and the furthest away. After 3 hours on a bus we finally arrived, and we were most excited about this city because of the Roman aqueduct and the castle. We started off the day with a chocolate from a cafe before heading to the aqueduct. The aqueduct was so amazing, and the sky was so clear so it made it even more beautiful to look at. We walked up to the top which gave us a really lovely view of it and the mountains in the background.



Following the aqueduct, we walked around an just embraced the atmosphere and looked at a few of the old churches before going to a restaurant for lunch. Unfortunately, another girl we went with had picked the most touristy and expensive restaurant, as she wanted to try the traditional pork dish there. The waiters bring out a whole cooked pig and slice off a segment of it with a plate. I was not a fan of this, because I don’t like to eat food after seeing the face of the animal, so I was not happy with the restaurant, but despite this I stayed in good spirits and still enjoyed the day.

IMG_0891Now it was time for the castle! The castle is known as the sleeping beauty castle because of the torrents. It was so amazing to see, and definitely the best castle I have seen in Spain. After admiring the view from outside, we went in, which was really cool because it had all of the old armour around the place. We also went up the tower, and up the steepest and windiest stairs ever, but the view was great. The castle was definitely my highlight of the day.


IMG_0948Segovia was my favourite day trip we took while in Salamanca, and I highly recommend it! While writing this I am at the Madrid Airport with very mixed emotions about leaving, sad to leave because it went so fast but happy to see my family when I arrive home.



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