My Top 5 Moments

1. I couldn’t just pick one moment from London, I think the best thing was just walking around the city and seeing all the sights. London was probably my favourite place, because there’s so much to see and do. I loved seeing Big Ben, The London Eye and Oxford Street. It’s definitely a place where I can see myself living.


2. Although Paris was probably my least favourite place, going up the Eiffel Tower and ice-skating on it was amazing, it was such a surprise when we reached the top and there was an ice rink, with free ice-skating.


3. It is seriously tough to pick the best moment from Barcelona, it was such an amazing city, I loved being here so much. A highlight for me would have to be the day trip we took to Montserrat. This was a place about an hour from the city, and a popular tourist spot, it is basically an old church/monastery on a huge hill, and it was so beautiful. The views were so amazing, my friends and I had such a fun day here

IMG_97384. I couldn’t pick just one moment from Barcelona! Another highlight was going to see some of Gaudi’s work. He was a famous Spanish architect who lived in Barcelona. We visited Park Güell which had beautiful terraces created using mosaics. Gaudi created very abstract work and did not use straight lines. I also went to Casa Balto, also called Gaudi’s house, which was created by him and it was amazing, so much colour and and so many funky designs.


DCIM100GOPROG2500828.5. Out of all the places I explored in Castilla y León, my favourite was Segovia. Segovia is most famous for it’s amazing Roman aqueduct and it’s beautiful castle, which is often referred to as Sleeping Beauty’s castle. This city was so fun to explore and the castle was amazing, I had such a great time here.



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