The Next Adventure?

My normal life in New Zealand consists of university, work, somewhat of a social life and the gym (but not really), but that isn’t very exciting, hence the absence on here. But, I have a new job! From October to May I will be working and living in Madrid as an English teaching assistant in a primary or secondary school. I applied for this job at the end of March, are being told I would be a shoe in for it, being from New Zealand and studying Spanish. This program specifically looks for Australians and New Zealanders, as they don’t have many taking part in it and they want as much diversity as possible. I will be working about 16 hours a week assisting an English teacher, basically just conversing with students. It is my ideal job to do while I’m on my OE (overseas experience) because it will give me amazing experience for my future teaching endeavours.

I graduate from university at the end of September, and I leave for Spain straight after, the timing is perfect. My plan is, to flat in Madrid with Spaniards, so that I become fluent, and save enough money to do a big trip at the end of the school year, and then move to London to utilise my two year visa, before retuning home to complete my graduate diploma in teaching. I guess you could say that’s my 5 year plan, but who knows what could happen.

Hopefully I do something exciting before I get to Spain so that I can write on here again, fingers crossed!

IMG_1343_2This is probably the only adventurous thing I have done since being home, my friend and I went to one of New Zealand’s most famous beaches, Piha, and there are also great walking tracks here, one of which leads to this beautiful waterfall. The water was freezing, but the view was amazing, such a good little spot, would be perfect in the middle of summer, when the water is a bit more bearable.

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