First Week of ‘Work’

I have now finished 1 week of this extremely rigorous job.. I only work 4 days a week and only 16 hours, it’s a bit of a joke really. So I’m looking for some extra tutoring work, which is so easy to come across! But, I’m waiting until I am in a permanent apartment near the centre of Madrid. So I teach 5 classes in total, two 3rd grade and two third grade and I have one class with 2nd grade. They are all really cute, but not so willing to learn English.


I’m not allowed to speak to them in Spanish, so it makes it quite difficult, because the grade 1’s don’t really know any English, so there are a lot of blank expressions most of the time. But it’s fun, we sing songs and colour in things. It’s slightly easier to teach 3rd grade because they can understand a lot more English and they are able to concentrate for longer, they sort of know the drill with what to do at school.

Because it’s a bilingual school, they have half their classes in English and half in Spanish, so it is quite challenging to teach them something in English that they don’t even know in Spanish. Each day I learn something new so I am constantly improving and learning how to teach, because before this I had never taught or even tutored, so it is a learning experience as well as working.


So I am currently in the midst of a 4 day weekend, apparently there are a lot of public holidays in Spain. I had a big day of exploring on Friday followed by dinner and drinks, and then yesterday I just chilled out at home then went out with friends later in the night. That’s another thing, you don’t eat dinner until 10pm here! Which is crazy!

I am really excited to move into the city, which will hopefully happen next month. I went to look at a place on Friday and it was really nice for the price and location, so fingers crossed for that one!


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