Being an Adult?

I’ve been living in Madrid for about 6 weeks now, that’s 6 weeks of having to fend for myself, it’s a lot harder than it looks. Having lived a very easy life at home with my parents for 21 years, it is now time to be an ‘adult’. I am definitely not an adult, I don’t even know how to do grocery shopping properly and sometimes end up eating cereal for dinner, well thats if I even have any milk.

As well as living out of home, I also have an adult job, where I have to do lesson plans, not the best way to spend your free time. But I am pretty stoked that I have an extra job, I teach 5 classes a week and have still managed to have Friday-Sunday off, not too shabby.

So what makes this whole adult thing harder is the fact that I live in a country where not everyone or even many people speak English. My Spanish is improving daily because of this. Today I had my first doctors experience, which was interesting because I don’t know many medical terms at all, but I managed.

A strange concept to me in Spain is that you need a doctors note even to take one day off work, so I went to work this morning even though I was sick because I had no idea where to go or what to do. Thankfully the teacher I work with could see I really wasn’t well and she told me exactly what to do and where to go.

This post is going to end up being all over the place because I have so much to say but no idea how to write it. I have this magical transport card that gives me unlimited transport on the metro, trains and buses in Madrid for 20 euros a month (NZD$30), which is so cheap it’s ridiculous, it’s for people under the age of 26. As well as getting this card, I joined a gym, which is 20euros a month as well, Spain is so cheap! And the gym has Les Mills classes AND you can go to any of them all over Spain. Amazing.

My 3 day weekends are the best thing ever, but that means far too much consuming of beer, tinto de verano, tapas and more recently ice-cream, after finding an amazing ice-cream shop. Even though I’ve been here 6 weeks, I’m still one of the biggest guiris (foreigner) around. My friend and I refer to ourselves as, guiri king and guiri queen. When we are together we literally stick out like sore thumbs.

Moving countries is bloody stressful and hard work, you really have to go in with no expectations, otherwise you could be let down and have a terrible time, but there’s always going to be others in the same boat, luckily here there are a fair few Facebook groups for all of us auxiliars, so when you have a problem you can search it in the group and realise how normal you are and that everything will work out.

It might even make you realise that you’re actually doing alright considering you’re 21 and just moved 20,000 km across the world by yourself.


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