Ultra Music Festival

I traveled to Split, Croatia in July 2016 for this festival, and then to do Sail Croatia. I flew into Split airport on the day of the festival and I stayed in Omis, at the Ultra campground, which is just out of Split. This ended up being so ideal for us, as our Sail Croatia had their first stop in Omis, so we were able to hop on a day late and go to all 3 days of the festival. Omis is about 20km away from Split, but there are buses from Split – Omis. We bought a package for our camping, tickets for Ultra and transport to Omis and it was around 200 for the package, but the prices change every year. If I were to do it again, I would stay in a hostel in Split, as it’s so much closer, and you’re not in a tent. I should add that the currency in Croatia is Kuna, and 10 Croatian Kuna is about 1 British Pound


Ultra Music Festival

I was lucky enough to experience this with one of my best friends and some other friends from home who happened to be there as well, and we honestly had the best time of our lives, even though the first night was cancelled, we definitely made up for it the next to. We saw DJ’s like Nero, Deadmau5, Afro Jack, David Guetta, Martin Garrix and Hardwell. Memories I will never forget.



Sail Croatia

I booked our sail through Travel Talk, and it was a really great experience, and I have no complaints, only praises. Our guide was Amy from New Zealand and she did everything she could to make our trip the best it could be. Travel talk is a bit cheaper than the likes of Contiki, Topdeck and Sail Croatia. Our boat was called the MS Lav and it was a Croatian pirate ship. We all had double or triple rooms with an en suite, which was pretty sweet considering we were on a boat.


The MS Lav

There were about 25 people of our boat and almost and even split between Kiwis and Aussies. Breakfast and lunch was provided everyday and if you are vegetarian, vegan or gluten free, you have special meals provided. A typical day was like this: set off early in the morning (you will be asleep), stop for a swim stop and lunch, arrive at the next place, explore the town and beaches, go out for dinner, drink on the boat, go to the bars and clubs, and repeat! As well as this, all of the boats from the different companies do the same route (Split – Dubrovnik or vice versa) and pull up together every night, so everyone ends up partying together.

Day 1; Split – Omis: We didn’t do this part, as we were at the festival still.

Day 2; Omis – Makarska: After arriving back to our campsite at 7am and packing up our tents in a very fragile state, we boarded the mighty MS Lav, our Croatian pirate ship. After meeting everyone and bonding etc.., a swimming stop, and lunch, we made it to Makarska. It was such a beautiful island, and I highly recommend a visit. You can walk up the cliffs and jump off (if you’re brave enough), explore the markets and the beach. One thing about Croatian beaches, is that they are all pebble beaches, so don’t forget your jandals (flip flops)! There were also a couple of inflatable obstacle courses which were honestly so much fun, but we definitely underestimated how difficult they were, my friend and I couldn’t pull ourselves up on to anything, and had to get the boys to help us, it was so so funny though.


I highly recommend grabbing some drinks and kebabs and sitting on the wall of the port and watching the sunset, it was beautiful. The famous club on Makarska is the cave, it’s called the rave cave, and you literally party in a cave, and it opens onto the beach, it’s a pretty amazing experience.

Day 3; Makarska – Hvar: Hvar is known as the party island, and it did live up to it’s reputation. After daily swims and lunch, we arrived and went out to explore. Unfortunately the boats couldn’t park in the main harbor because of Ultra Music events, so we had to take taxis to the main part of the island, which meant being out from 5 until when we wanted to come home, so we didn’t quite have the huge night we were planning.


View from Hvar Fort

We explored the old town and hiked up to the fort to have the most amazing view of the island. There are really great places to swim along the coast of the island, in front of the Hula Hula Beach Bar, which is the famous bar in Hvar, and it looks out on yachts and a beautiful sunset. To be honest, I can’t remember the name of the bar we went to that night, but it played loads of old school music and everyone was dancing all night.

Day 4; Hvar – Korcula: One of my best memories of the trip, was jumping off the boat every morning, with everyone else and our inflatables, and just relaxing in the water (this is also a great way to cure a hangover). Korcula ended up being my favourite island, it had such a relaxed vibe, so many beautiful beaches and swimming spots, and a beautiful old town. We had the best afternoon of swimming and relaxing on this amazing island. We went to a jungle party that night as well. img_8047


Day 5; Korcula – Mljet National Park: This was such a beautiful place where we stopped for the day. It costs 100 Kuna to go onto the island, but it’s definitely worth it, the lakes are so amazing and blue, and you can take a little boat over to a castle in the middle of the lakes. It was such a perfect afternoon. Since you can’t park your boat at the national park, we anchored off an island, in the sea, for our pirate boat party, which was a lot of fun and may or may not have ended with skinny dipping at the end.


Mljet National Park

Day 6, 7 and 8; Dubrovnik: We arrived in King’s Landing (Game of Thrones reference)! The most amazing old town I have ever seen, and it does live up to every expectation! Every little street is amazing, and it’s all inside the famous city walls. There are so many little swimming spots on the outsides of the wall, and rocks to jump off.

Dubrovnik was definitely the most expensive place we visited, the food, souvenirs, drinks etc… but you definitely can’t skip Dubrovnik, it’s amazing and totally worth it. The club we went to was called Revlin, and definitely go to the bucket bar first, because they are awesome, and drinks in the club were so expensive. Also go to the club before midnight and it’s free!


The Dubrovnik City Walls

The biggest attraction in Dubrovnik is the city walls, definitely don’t walk them at 2pm in the middle of summer like we did, we died! If you have a student ID, it only costs 30 Kuna, otherwise it’s 120 Kuna. The walls have amazing views and it’s a great experience.

After we got off the boats on Sunday morning, I headed to a hostel for 2 nights before my flight back to Madrid. It was called Hostel Dubrovnik Sunset, and I would not recommend it. The rooms were great and the pool was great but the staff were sooo rude and unwelcoming that it made it not even worth it. I didn’t let this damper my trip though, Croatia went above and beyond my expectations and I had the best best time and was lucky enough to meet such amazing people. 10/10 recommend doing a sail Croatia or something similar, one of the best experiences of my life!


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