Because who doesn’t loved a little inter weekend getaway to catch up with one of your best friends?

I caught the train from the airport to the centre and stayed in a hostel, where I met up with Nicky. It’s called The Generator. It was nice but I found it annoying that you had to pay for luggage storage. We had a quiet night the first night and just ate kebabs, so that we were well rested for a big day of exploring.

We grabbed some yoghurt and muesli from the 7/11 and joined a walking tour around the city. It was a really good tour and it was such a beautiful day, which is apparently rare. we explored the main square and palace then then to Nyhavn, which was absolutely stunning and so picturesque. We had to go and check out the Little Mermaid statue which lived up to it’s reputation of being one of the most underwhelming landmarks but it still had to be done. We went to an amazing food truck market, this was definitely one of the highlight for me, and it had so many different foods. It’s called Copenhagen Street Food and it is well worth a visit.

We had another early night as we wanted to pop over to Sweden the next day. We hopped on the bus at the main station to Malmo, which was only an hour ride. It wasn’t the nicest day and it was freezing but it was cool that we could just get on a bus to go to another country. We just walked around Malmo and stopped for lunch and coffees before hopping back on the bus to Copenhagen.

I can also recommend the pub crawl, it was a lot of fun but we were definitely felling it in the morning. Our last day was pretty relaxed before we went to the airport. We went to check out Christiana, which is a self proclaimed freetown in Copenhagen with about 800 residents. It was very cool to have a look at.

The weekend was great and it was amazing to see my friend Nicky and I would consider going back to Copenhagen in warmer weather.

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