Madrid to London

So cliche but seriously, I can’t believe I’ve been away for nearly 2 years. I’ve completed 2 school years of teaching in Madrid, and now I’m in limbo land! I left my flat in Madrid at the end of June and moved to the middle of nowhere in the Valencia Community for 6 weeks to work at an English summer camp, and I couldn’t think of a better place to be for this strange time in life. It’s a weird feeling knowing that when I finish here I don’t have my own home to go to, as I said I’ve given up my flat and in the process of finding one in London.

So that’s my next move, London. I’m ridiculously excited, London has always been one of my favourite places and now I get to live there. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, as i have no idea where I’m going to live or work, but there’s no point creating unnecessary stress or anxiety for myself, so I’m just taking each step as it comes.

I’m leaving a piece of my heart in Madrid, and Spain in general, but I’m ready to move on and tackle something else career wise. I’m excited to be in an English speaking country again, even though I can speak Spanish (well enough), it will be nice to go to the supermarkert and know what everything is, as well as having more options. No language struggles at the doctor or the bank, and not looking like a very obvious foreigner everywhere I go.

So cheers to you Madrid, the people I met and the memories I created. Time to smash out another 2 years in a new country and continue the travel adventures and live the London life.


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