Semana Santa (Easter) in Andalucia

One of my besties and I decided to do a mini road trip for a week during our Easter holidays from Madrid to Cordoba to Sevilla to Malaga to Granada and back to Madrid. Spring is the perfect time to visit this area of Spain, before it gets too hot but still warm enough to break out your summer clothes. I highly recommend travelling by bus and train as it’s much cheaper, and less stress than renting a car! So easy!


This was a quick stop, we only had a day here. We arrived in the evening by bla bla car and stayed at a hostel in the centre, which wasn’t actually that nice but it was one of the only options. We spent our full day here exploring the city. We started with a classic avocado on toast which was amazing and then went on to join a walking tour. Which was okay, but a bit long. We didn’t end up going to any sites but we walked over the Roman Bridge and saw the Mosque and Alcazar before stopping for lunch with a view of the Roman Bridge. We narrowly made it to the bus to Sevilla, slightly stressful times.


We arrived in Sevilla on to discover what the Semana Santa parades really were. A shit ton of people dressed in huge hoods and cloaks blocking off the streets. No, it was definitely a really cool thing to experience, and it’s such a different culture to what I’m used to. When we eventually got through the procession we found our hostel, Triana Backpackers, which was so adorable, cheap and very well located. We just relaxed and took a stroll for our first night and had some tapas at an overpriced tourist restaurant on the river.

Touristy things wise, we walked all around the centre, looked at the cathedral and the Plaza España, which was stunning, hands down the best plaza I’ve ever seen. We went up the Metropol Parasol which had a really lovely view of the city and a drink included with the entry (winning). After fighting our way through crowds and the processions (which literally go on all day and night) we made it to a flamenco show, which was amazing to watch, I’m very glad we did it.

Another highlight of Sevilla for me was the Real Alcazar, and especially because I’m a Game of Thrones fan, this is where Dorne is filmed. Our final venture in Sevilla was to go up the Torre de Oro for a lovely view of the city, before jumping on another bus to head to….


We stayed a little bit out of the city which looking back wasn’t the best idea but the website kind of lied and said the city was a lot closer. This being said, it was still a really nice hostel and we met some cool people, it was called Bellavista Playa Malaga.

I liked Malaga, but I wouldn’t say it was up there as one of my favourite places. The beach was quite nice though, I even took a little dip, but it was rather fresh! We climbed to the top of the castle and the view point which was really cool then went to a contemporary art gallery which I really enjoyed, considering I’m not super into art.


The final stop, and my favourite. We stayed at Granada Inn Backpackers, which was a really nice hostel and right in the centre. I loved exploring this city, especially the Gothic Quarter and walking up to the Alhambra, which unfortunately was sold out so I didn’t get to go in, but I guess it gives me an excuse to go back.

I bought some lovely pillowcase covers and my name written in Arabic. I have never eaten as much falafel, but oh my gosh it was sooo amazing, I could live here, just for the food.

If I had to pick one place to visit again, it would definitely be Granada.





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