Nerja & Cadiz

After working hard at an English Summer Camp in Valencia, I needed a well deserved beach holiday, so I decided to visit two gorgeous beach towns in Andalucia. I used Alsa buses to get around, which are amazing in Spain, so cheap and they literally go everywhere.

Nerja – How to get there & what to do

  • I caught an overnight bus to Granada from Valencia then took another bus from Granada to Nerja, super easy and the whole thing cost 60 euros. It is
  • I stayed at Easy Nerja Hostel, it was okay but I would recommend looking for an AirBnB, but I was travelling by myself so hostels definitely work better. The reason I didn’t love this hostel is because it said there would be paddle boarding and pub crawls everyday but there weren’t
  • The beaches, so so stunning. The only thing is that this town is super touristy, which I didn’t realise when I was booking it but I still loved it.
  • You probably only need 2 or 3 nights here, as apart from going to the beach there isn’t much else to do.
  • One mini day trip I did was catching the bus to Frigiliana, which is this gorgeous white washed town with lovely little shops.
  • The Balcon de Europa is probably the most popular little tourist spot, the views are amazing and it’s a good place to meet.
  • There are quite a few different beaches, my favourite was called Playa de Calahonda, and you can walk through all of the rocks and find a more secluded area. The most popular beach is probably Playa Burriana, where they have loads of water sports and little boats you can hire.
  • Food wise, I didn’t really find anywhere I loved, as there were so many tourist restaurants, but one of my favourite things to do while travelling is grab some supermarket food like bread and dips and grab a bottle of wine and just sit on the beach and watch the sunset.


Cadiz – How to get there & what to do

  • Cadiz is also in Andalucia, and I took 2 buses to get there from Nerja, first to Algeciras (do not go there, there is nothing to do) and then on to Cadiz.
  • I stayed in a hostel called Summer Cadiz, and it was really great!
  • Coincidence, a girl in my room (hi Molly if you’re reading) had been working for Stoke Travel (like I was going to at Oktoberfest) so we bonded over that and our mutual friends and then hung out for a couple days
  • Cadiz is super small, but beautiful! I recommend doing a walking tour so you can learn about the history and what not, then you can decide what you want to visit.
  • The main tourist spots are the beach (obviously) and the cathedral (definitely worth the climb).
  • I ate at a super traditional seafood restaurant, but the name escapes me because I’m so delayed with my posts.
  • You could stay in Cadiz for 2 or 3 nights as there isn’t that much to do, but it is beautiful.

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