Julia Murray
New Zealand


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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Kat says:

    Hi my friend told me about your blog because I want to do the exact same thing as you (reach english in spain)! I live in nz and am a year 13 leaver so am going to Waikato uni next year and was just wondering what papers, majors, minors, faculty were you in at uni to get where you are with this job now? Thanks 🙂


    • Julia Murray says:

      Hi! So first of all, I’m a teaching assistant not a an actual teacher. If you want to be an actual teacher you have to study a bachelor of education for 3 years or a Bachelor of Arts then a postgraduate diploma and teach for 2 years in New Zealand to become registered. But for my job, you need to have any bachelors degree and to have studied Spanish at university level. I went to Auckland university and studied a Bachelor of Arts majoring in language teaching and Spanish. I am now living in Madrid and my official job title is auxiliar de conversación, I’ve been here 2 months. You can do this job only for 2 years it goes from October-end of June. Feel free to email me julzgm@hotmail.com if you have more questions


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