Madrid to London

So cliche but seriously, I can't believe I've been away for nearly 2 years. I've completed 2 school years of teaching in Madrid, and now I'm in limbo land! I left my flat in Madrid at the end of June and moved to the middle of nowhere in the Valencia Community for 6 weeks to … Continue reading Madrid to London

New country, new continent

My first time in Africa started rather miserably, I was vomiting in various spots around Madrid on my way to the meeting point before when embarked on what seemed like an eternal journey in bus prison. I decided to do the trip through Be Madrid, which I highly reccommend, as everything is already organised for … Continue reading New country, new continent


Another weekend, another day trip. This time it was only Alex and I who ventured out on a slightly hungover Sunday. We chose to go to Avila because it was only an hour and a half away and was highly recommended. We arrived at about 10am after initially thinking we were in the middle of … Continue reading Avila