Auckland —> Madrid

So I'm not actually moving until the end of September, but I recently received confirmation about which school I will be working at and the area I will be living in.I will be teaching at a bilingual school called CEIP Valvanera. The children will be aged 3-12, I am so excited because it is all … Continue reading Auckland —> Madrid

The Next Adventure?

My normal life in New Zealand consists of university, work, somewhat of a social life and the gym (but not really), but that isn't very exciting, hence the absence on here. But, I have a new job! From October to May I will be working and living in Madrid as an English teaching assistant in … Continue reading The Next Adventure?


After finding out our trip to Porto, in Portugal was cancelled, Alex and I decided to go to Zamora for the day on Saturday. We were blessed with blue skies, which automatically makes a day x10 better. We decided to get ahead of the game and catch a cab into the old town, to save … Continue reading Zamora


Another weekend, another day trip. This time it was only Alex and I who ventured out on a slightly hungover Sunday. We chose to go to Avila because it was only an hour and a half away and was highly recommended. We arrived at about 10am after initially thinking we were in the middle of … Continue reading Avila


The last stop on my travels before I get to university in Salamanca! I didn't really know what to expect when arriving in Madrid because I had such an amazing week in Barcelona. We were staying in a hostel in the centre of the city, which was nowhere near as good as the Barcelona hostel, … Continue reading Madrid